Gather your Gear for your Dementia Care Voyage


Gather your Gear for your Dementia Care Voyage


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This is a great resource to reference, print and share with others who are in need of dementia care education, coaching,  support and guidance.

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This list of workshops and presentations are flexible and can be mixed and adjusted to meet your needs for staff training or community engagements.

fish analogy

Better Understanding of the Dementia Perspective and Tips to Avoid

People with dementia are like fish in the water.  This tip sheet helps care partners better understand the dementia experience and provides helpful communication snags to avoid.

Getting in the Water

Breathing Under the Water and Gathering Your Gear

Tips to help you support people with dementia as you immerse yourself in their reality. Important gear to gather as you plan for the future and care for yourself.

Dementia Resource Guide

Local and International Resources

This Resource Guide is developed by a local Dementia Friendly Community Coalition and offers resources and options for people regardless of your location.  Information about Advanced Directives to Medications to Safety and where to find more answers to your questions are available in this guide.

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Disclaimer: I am certified to implement the teachings and trainings about dementia of Teepa Snow and the Positive Approach to Care® (PAC). While based on the educational content from Teepa, and inspired by my Certification, views or opinions expressed, and additional content offered here, are representative of me, independent of the PAC organization.